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Sally Doherty and the Sumacs - Black Is The Colour

Black Is The Colour is the latest CD from Sally Doherty and the Sumacs. On her last CD Sally provided her version of 'Willow's Song' from the cult movie The Wicker Man. For her fifth CD Sally has chosen to pursue this avenue and to perform her interpretation of a number of traditional folk songs from various cultures.

In true folk tradition the voice of Sally Doherty takes precedence throughout the album, allowing lilting melodies to take hold. On 'I Held My Love' Sally's voice is swathed by the mass voice of a female choir; and on 'My Lagan Love' it's backed by piano, flute and cello. Throughout Black Is The Colour the Sumacs lush orchestration is stripped down to provide subtle embellishment to the vocal melody.

Other tracks explore Spanish and Mexican cultures such as 'Los Bilbilicos' which features flamenco guitar and Sally's lone voice. Elsewhere 'L'on Dit Q'amors est Dolce Chose' a mediavel song delivered in French with eastern percussion departs from the Celtic songs performed here.

'The Praities', a song Sally previously sung with Sol Invictus on In A Garden Green features here in a more refined format. The highlight, however, of this reflective and melancholic set is the opening 'Black Is The Colour'. The simple beauty of this traditional song amply demonstrates Sally Doherty's exquisite vocals and the musical prowess of the Sumacs.

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