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Sally Doherty and the Sumacs - On The Outside

On The Outside is the third album from Sally Doherty and the Sumacs (and Sally's fourth). The Sumacs deliver an intimate and beguiling arrangement of piano, cello, violin and clarinet from which Sally Dohery's expressive and expansive voice nestles and soars. Eastern, oriental and Spanish flourishes augment the recording with exotic textures. Sally, herself, is violinist (and occasional vocalist) in Tony Wakeford's dark folk outfit, Sol Invictus. And it's maybe this influence that has resulted in the Sumac's rendition of 'Willow's Song' from The Wicker Man soundtrack. Overall it's a lush, mellow affair with classical textures and perhaps the most accessible release to emanate from the World Serpent stable. For more information on this, and Sally's solo work or Sieben go to