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Sangre Cavallum - Pátria Granítica

This is the third release from Sangre Cavallum, a Portuguese act who sing the praises of their ancestry and of their land. In their case that land is Callaecia, an area of northwest Portugual. Sangre Cavallum are immersed in the culture of their land, reviving and reawakening the customs and magic of their forebears. Their music is borne from modern compositions incorporating traditional songs from the region. It's performed on traditional instrumentation together with electric guitar, keyboards, e-bow alongside field recordings. I've seen Sangre Cavallum referred to as neo-folk but this is blatantly wrong. Despite their modern trappings these songs are fiercely traditional fitting easily into the lineage of traditional song. Sangre Cavallum's first CD Barbara Carmina was released on Michael Moynihan's Storm Records, and they've performed on numerous occassions beside Blood Axis, and with heathen folk acts such as Fire and Ice, Changes and In Gowan Ring. A close working relationship has been formed with Gerhard of Allerseelen, who appears on and released Pátria Granítica on his Ahnstern label.

Pátria Granítica (which translates as Granite Homeland) is concerned with stone, of the megaliths that populate Callaecia, of the castros raised on defensive hills throughout the region. The booklet contains striking photographs of these together with examples of cosmological symbols carved into ancient stones.

I must confess that I fail to understand the lyrics, delivered as they are in their native tongue, but can fully appreciate the spirit of these songs and the dedication of Sangre Cavallum to celebrate their heritage and to savour it for future generations. I'd suspect that most compulsion online readers will identify with their celebrating of these sacred stones and will find much to enjoy here. That said, it's regional flavour may be an acquired taste so you may wish to catch their forthcoming split with Allerseelen before investing in Pátria Granítica. But if any of the kindred acts mentioned above interest you then don't hang about Pátria Granítica will undoubtedly appeal. For more information go to or