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Satori - Contemptus Mundi

On Contemptus Mundi, Satori collaborate with Magus Peter H. Gilmore, who took on the mantle of High Priest of the Church of Satan, following the death of Anton LaVey. This is a fantastic scoop for Satori as Magus Gilmore, like LaVey, is an accomplished composer having already released Threnody For Humanity, containing his dark soundtrack work some of which featured in Nick Bougas' Deathscenes documentary films. On 'Contemptus Mundi' he provides a spoken monologue, 'Pervasive Pantywaistism', adapted from his collection of writings, The Satanic Scriptures. Magus Gilmore seems determined to push the Church of Satan back into intellectual realms. He rails against the weak who look to the state and authority to prohibit derision, criticism and to control speech. and asserts the need "to cultivate a neo-Darwinian arena wherein opinions may clash in the bright glare of reason…" This is nothing new for Gilmore. As editor of The Church of Satan journal, The Black Flame, - in which 'Pervasive Pantywaistism' first appeared - Gilmore presented differing and quite often opposing applications of the Satanic philosophy, as laid out in the writings of Anton Szandor LaVey.

In measured tones, Gilmore seeks to cast off the shackles of inhibition and unleash true thoughts and feelings. His voice only rising to emphasise points and to deliver the closing Hail Satan! Satori, for their part, immerse the words of the High Priest of the Church of Satan amidst tolling bells, sinister electronics, and disembodied wailing voices culminating in groaning electronics pitted against pounding ritualised drumming.

The second track, 'Contemptus Mundi (The Nameless Wrath Mix)', is a reworking of the first track snaking downwards to the fiery pits of hell. This is by far the heaviest thing I've heard from Satori where pitch-black moaning electronics are punctuated by hissing frequencies, deathly rumbles and infernal voices. It is as black and as deep as the works of Lustmord, and Cold Spring labelmates Inade and TenHornedBeast.

A hellish doomscape and a ritualistic dark soundtrack with the High Priest of the Church of Satan, whatever is next from the revitalised Satori is eagerly awaited. For more information go to