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Schräge Musik/ACL - Eternity / III Me Me Me

This single features the debut offering from Schräge Musik, a new musical project from Patrick Leagas of 6 Comm. Bereft of the poly-rhythms of current 6 Comm, shorn of the layered keyboard sound of 6 Comm, with its looping cyclical rhythm of keyboard beats and martial rhythm 'Eternity' is more reminiscent of early Death In June. With his voice whispered and forceful, 'Eternity' acts as a calling card for the new project of Patrick Leagas. Schräge Musik is a new musical vehicle of the former Death In June member. The project will act as a musical conduit for his interest in WW2. Future releases, of which only 6 are planned, will feature cover versions of WW2 songs or soundtracks from both the Allied and Axis forces. Due to their nature releases will be mail-order only. You can find out more at

On the flipside ACL present a dose of shuddering analogue electronics. Centring on a lyric about self-centredness and self-importance, Gaya Donadio's half-sung, half-spoken delivery on 'iii mememe' sounds almost like a female take on Genesis P. Orridge. In fact the whole thing is quite like early Throbbing Gristle. Less confrontational than other AntiChildLeague material, this is a particularly palatable moment from this power electronic noise outfit. The single comes with inserts and is available in a signed-edition of 300 copies. For more information go to