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Sieben - Forbid The Sun's Escape

Early next year Sol Invictus make a rarer-than-rare live appearance in London. In the meantime Mr Wakeford's Tursa label have just released Forbid The Sun's Escape the debut CD by Sieben. Sieben features Sally Doherty and Matt and Jane Howden. Sally is a longtime Sol collaborator while Tony has just teamed up with Matt Howden on the Chthonic Streams compilation On The Brink of Infinity. Forbid The Sun's Escape is a beautifully arranged album of female vocals over a fragile backdrop of flute, violin and bass guitar. It's orchestral but not, ambient but not. Experimental but ethereal. In any case, I like it. And yes, Tony Wakeford is one of the guests featured here. For more information go to