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Sleeping Pictures - Nether Edge

Nether Edge is the debut full length CD from Sleeping Pictures a duo revolving around guitarist Gary Parsons and vocalist Marc Blackie. Wordy lyrics are woven around chiming guitar lines. Given the involvement of members of Knifeladder and Sol Invictus one may expect more than a passing nod to the apocalyptic folk genre. However, Sleeping Pictures are more concerned with the everyday and the humdrum. Lyrically 'Soap Opera Life' is a kitchen sink drama, like those once perfected by Soft Cell. Marc's vocal is not too far removed from Marc Almond or the Pink Dots' Edward Ka Spel. It's a distinctive vocal and whilst expressive it's not particularly strong. Despite involving the talents of Sol Invictus' Tony Wakeford on occasional bass guitar and Knifeladder's John Murphy on occasional percussion and Hunter Barr on occasional bass, musically, Nether Edge is quite brittle. 'Ship of Fools' and 'Infamy Into Glory' with a swirling violin score, and the spaghetti western inspired death of 'Our Lady Death' are particularly appealing but other tracks such as 'Horns of Plenty' seem more reminiscent of the goth end of the post-punk scene. Nether Edge is a flawed but interesting debut. It is pleasant enough and a beautiful package, I hasten to add. For more information go to