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Sol Invictus - Brugge

Sol Invictus have just launched an archive series of live CDs. The first in the series is Brugge featuring a 1996 recording with a one-off line up featuring Karl Blake, Matt Howden, Eric Roger, Clive Giblin and Stephen Catchick and the ubiquitous talents of Tony Wakeford. The material largely taken from the In The Rain period features such Sol classics as 'English Murder', 'The Killing Tide' and 'Death of the West'. Coming so soon after Trieste you may wonder do we really need another live Sol CD? Well, yes as unlike the orchestral splendour of Trieste Brugge displays a refined brutality featuring the booming bass of Karl Blake and a thunderous crescendo of drumming. Brugge is available from Tursa only and can be ordered online at