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Sol Invictus - Paris

Tursa Records have just released the third in their archive series issuing live recordings from Sol Invictus. As Sol Invictus and Tony Wakeford rarely perform live this is a much-needed outlet for those wishing to hear the various strands of Sol Invictus.

Over the years a number of musicians have passed through - and some remained too - the ranks of Sol Invictus including Ian Read (Fire & Ice), David Mellor (Days of the Moon), Matt Howden (Sieben), Sally Doherty (of the Sumacs) and Karl Blake (Shock Headed Peters).

Paris features a live Tony Wakeford solo show from 1994 and it straddles the period where Sol were moving from their pan-European obsessions to something more personal as evidenced on their In The Rain CD. A flawless setlist comprises this disc ranging from the defiant 'Against The Modern World', the fist-shaking sounds of 'Kneel To The Cross', to the plaintive 'Believe Me'. Tony Wakeford was a founding member of Death In June and a number of Wakeford-penned tracks are included here including 'Fields' and 'Death of the West'.

The basic Sol sound at this point featured a simple weave of dark-folk, with orchestral designs and Mr Wakeford's personal blend of singing. Nathalie Van Keymeulen and Celine Marleix- Bardeau provides strings on a number of tracks, including a captivating 'Abattoirs of Love', but this is essentially a solo performance encapsulating Wakeford's desperation for modern day culture.

It's a classy and impassioned performance and one that demonstrates why Sol Invictus were, and remain, one of the brightest stars in the dark-folk genre.

Paris follows Brugges and Trieste in the Tursa archive series. A handful of these tracks previously surfaced on an very limited 7-inch single. Paris is limited to 1000 copies, with 250 signed and numbered copies. Copies of these can be ordered online from