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Steven Severin - Sleepercell

Since leaving Siouxsie and the Banshees Steven Severin's musical output has largely been devoted to soundtracks for performance and film. This CD EP for Lumberton Trading Company is something of a diversion. Using the secret shortwave radio broadcasts of the covert number stations Sleepercell contains some of the most abstract sounds from the former Banshees member. The title track, 'Sleepercell', is comprised from a series of shortwave radio transmission of numbers and a tone generated melody, set against a slow arching atmospheric whoosh. It is a true electronic composition. The second track 'Sleepercell Awakes' once again uses shortwave radio broadcasts, this time with a series of disjointed numbers relayed against rhythmic beats and a limbering bassline which is almost drum and bass. The entire piece loaded with secret codes is cut with a feeling of dub fuelled paranoia. With soft plumes of synths and a gentle melody, the final piece 'Countercode' closes this three-track twenty minute CD with an absorbing soundtrack styled piece. Released in a special recycled cardboard sleeve with insert in an edition of 500 copies Sleepercell clearly illustrates the musical versatility of Steven Severin. The first 100 copies come in a stickered gatefold sleeve with an exclusive signed and numbered insert. For more information go to