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Stone Breath - Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis

Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis is the latest CD from Stone Breath, featuring a collection of what they term wyrdfolk. Stone Breath conjure up a strange but enchanting blend of folk music drawn from banjo, guitar, harmonium, dulcimer… The tracks range from their own mystical compositions to traditional folk fare such as 'John Barleycorn', 'It's Hard To Dance With The Devil On Your Back'. In parts it reminds of the Incredible String Band or more recently the pixie dust of In Gowan Ring. Stone Breath features Timothy Renner from the more psychedelic Mourning Cloak, and the label Dark Holler who operate a small mail order focussing on traditional folk. For more information contact Dark Holler, PO Box 131, Glenville, PA17329-0131, USA or contact