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Straiph - Thin Bony Scour

A digitized noisefest awaits on Thin Bony Scour, a self-released CD from Straiph. Straiph is a solo electronic noise project from Scotland and over the course of 15 tracks a random barrage of abrasive noise, propulsive rhythms, serrated effects, location recordings and treated voices are delivered. Some of this could easily be called power noise, while other tracks are more rhythmic and restrained. With its spliced rhythms 'Build It Up to Knock It Down' is almost downbeat club material, 'Spoil with Spoons' takes the beats further downbeat, but then there's the crazed digicore of 'Barry No Be Long-Right Johnny'. 'Pummel' opts for shuffling ambience, with careful digital editing. In reality there's really too much taking place here to fully digest. Parts of this are good, and some parts have me reaching for the skip button. All of it is quite oppressive but the electronically generated noise never really ceases, and while it's dynamic it's not particularly distinctive. After sitting through 64 minutes or so I was quite relieved for the silence. Rhythmic inventive but ultimately challenging material. For more information go to