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Streicher - War Without End

War Without End is a compilation of material from Streicher recorded between the late eighties to early nineties, and previously issued and distributed via the then burgeoning underground cassette network. Streicher are lead by Ulex Xane, a prominent figure in Australian industrial circles. Ulex Xane has previously worked on the more soundscape oriented Zone Void, featuring John Murphy on a number of tracks.

Streicher appear obsessed with the entire military industrial complex, and their sound is often derived from various pieces of military and surveillance technologies. According to the sleeve notes, radar and other electronic signals, and other pieces of military equipment are plundered for sound sources. It's all combined with elements of random noise, electronic tones, low-buzz rumbles and location recordings. The exception to the rule is 'Martyrdom's Call', a sort of last post featuring a lone pipe sound amidst stormy ambience. On the whole War Without End is perhaps not a huge progression from the TG canon (think 'Weapon Training') but Streicher's sinister electronics will satisfy those who seek entertainment through pain. For more information go to