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Teatro Satanico - Muzakiller

From the horned beast on the cover it's fairly evident that Muzakiller, the first proper CD from Teatro Satanico, is something of a satanically inclined release. The infernal duo used to record as Teatro Satanico Charles Manson contributing to and issuing numerous cassettes during the eighties and nineties. They've long since dropped the Manson association issuing a couple of vinyl LPs and some short-run CD-Rs along the way.

Those expecting satanic ritual music are in for a disappointment as Teatro Satanico opt for a hellish concoction of blackened noise and atmospheres with the first two tracks characterised by a barrage of rhythms. While the pounding drums of the opening track, 'Introibo Ad Altarem Diaboli', is patently more in the ritual vein, it's followed by the galloping rhythmic noise and processed metal percussion of 'Venetaranta'. By far the harshest track on Muzakiller is 'Bastardo!': a gruelling mixture of grinding guitars, thunderous noise and aggro vocalisations, From then on it dips into droning and buzzing tones and sinister atmo-electronics litttered with tape based samples and voices all delivered in their native Italian tongue.

The booklet includes a short text from one half of the Teatro Satanico explaining thier Satanic philosophy, together with a series of cartoon artwork depicting malevolent children taken from the short animation, Bambina Piccina Piccina, by the Italian "anarch-antinomian" artists Muzakiller which appears an mpeg video on the enhanced CD. Once again the commentary, like all the text and voices herein, are in Italian, diluting its impact and lessening its appeal somewhat. Though the short tale which appears to show a young child snuffing out her parents in the name of Satan is clearly understandable in any language. And I don't suspect you'd get visuals like this on a Marilyn Manson release.

On the whole it's quite a neat audio-visual package and naturally limted to 666 copies, from Sottomondo Edizioni, a new label dedicated to releasing underground electronic noise from Italy. For more information go to