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Teatro Satanico - Black Magick Block

Black Magick Block is the latest release from Teatro Satanico, a controversial Italian based project, who some years ago worked under the name Teatro Satanico Charles Manson. The influence of the notorious cult leader may have waned, but Teatro Satanico continue their interest in the occult. Black Magick Block is riddled with themes of magick and some texts from the works of the notorious magician Aleister Crowley and the sorcerer-artist Austin Osman Spare.

Last time I heard Teatro Satanico on their Muzakiller release dark drones and black atmospheres were the dominant sound. Drenched in electronic beats and rhythms Black Magick Block is an altogether different beast. Huge slabs of rhythmic beats and booming electro bass sounds comprise 'L.H.P.'.as distorted voices command you to "turn to the left". On 'Baby Babalon' they come over all electro rock'n'roll with a throbbing morass of beats. A breathy rasp intones "Baby, baby babalon" as they come over like a Satanic Suicide.

Things slow down on 'Images and Oracles by A.O.S.' with its atmo-drone and crackling textures and processed whisper intoning text cribbed from the writings of Austin Osman Spare. The work of Britain's other key occultist Aleister Crowley features in a disjointed almost computerized recitiation of 'Hymn To Pan' over a rather incongruous setting of disorienting beats and bleeps.

'La Magio Quale Scienza Dell'Io' captures a horror film aesthetic with a driving electronic melody, and a vocal delivery that sounds like a ritual invocation. The entire track is drenched in electronic treatments, though the essence of a John Carpenter-esque soundtrack survives.

'Gatto' pushes the vocals into a possessed demonic growl, as it passes through passages of warped and treated electro beats before moving into siren woosh and heavy droning. It like the final track, which Teatro Satanico left uncredited, so listeners could pay attention to the lyrics are much more chaotic in structure and sound. The voices are muffled, stretched and mixed so far down you've got scant chance of deciphering them amongst the convoluted groaning electronics.

Black Magick Block is twinned with Chidakasha, a limited release on HellOutro Enterprises that continues their interest in magick with tracks inspired by O.T.O. rituals, yoga and sensory perceptions. Parallels can be drawn between Teatro Satanico and Psychonaut 75, as both have incorporated similar magickal leanings into a dark electronic dance style. Teatro Satanico are far more heavier on the weird and warped electronics though and Black Magick Block is their best release yet. Why they moved into a heavy electronic style is as surprising as it is unexpected but then who knows the secret of the Black Magick Block. For more information go to