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The Last Mushrooms - Invasion of the Energy Spectres

The affectionately titled Queasy Listening Records have just released Invasion of the Energy Spectres by the Last Mushrooms. Queasy Listening Records is devoted to releasing highly prized and limited releases at an affordable price out with the strict confines of normal record distribution channels. In fact, Invasion of the Energy Spectres is intended to promote their Lost Object project whereby original recordings by artists on the Queasy Listening label are tactically secreted at various symbolic locations. One release has already been deposited in the basement of a London bookstore. It's aim is to precipitate a chance encounter where "The discovery of a rare recording should be as exquisite and toxic as touching a deadly but beautiful orchid in a forgotten oriental garden. A record (or indeed a book) has that certain power to change the direction of our lives." Queasy Listening Records will continue this Guerilla Distribution campaign until, "the true intention of Queasy Listening: that of creative growth, alchemy, cultural revolution and situationist fun" is funfilled.

Invasion of the Energy Spectres is the first release from their commercial arm used to finance the Lost Objects project and excellent it is too. Inspired by Kenneth Grant's writings in The Outer Gateways it unfolds to reveal a mixture of occult and psychedelic rock, overlayen with a miasma of voices culled it seems from found poetry and old horror films to create surreal conversations. It's as warped as Terminal Cheesecake and at times I'm convinced I saw the ghosts of HP Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant and William Blake getting down when playing this. Great stuff. Invasion of the Energy Spectres by the Last Mushrooms is released in an edition of 200 copies. For more information go to