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M.S. Waldron, Steven Stapleton, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Jim Haynes, R.K. Faulhaber - The Sleeping Moustache

The Sleeping Moustache is a collaborative venture from the above music and mischief makers. I'd hazard a guess that Matt Waldron is the lynchpin in this release. He's performed with Steven Stapleton as part of Scribble Seven and as part of the Nurse With Wound line-up for their recent performances in the USA - which to all accounts were quite disappointing. Stapleton, meanwhile, has featured in Waldron's live performances as irr. app. (ext)., as has Jim Haynes and R.K. Faulhaber - the mysterious entity with a myspace page. Waldron has also remixed work for Sigmarsson, and collaborated with the Icelandic electro-absurdists Stilluppsteypa. Having said that The Sleeping Moustache appears to stem from the stronger and stranger works of Nurse With Wound. There's no information on who does what or with what. It wouldn't matter as the material is so heavily processed it's hard to tell what instruments are being used, never mind decipher the source sounds. A series of dronescapes that spiral, pulsate and glisten are unfurled that are met with randon bursts of metallic clinks, clangs and clattering. Static hum and the fizzing of overheated wires. Squeaks and creaks from all manner of devices. Shuffling feet in empty corridors and on pebble beaches. Insect and alien chatter. Some of it strays into nightmare territory some of it, especially the sections of absurd gibberish, have a comic element. It all hinges around an elusive alien terrain that creates an absorbing hallucinatory soundtrack. The Sleeping Moustache offers a lot of serious listening. You could listen for a month and still discover something new. Naturally highly recommended if you follow the work of any of the contributors or pine for early Nurse With Wound. For more information go to