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The Soil Bleeds Black - Mirror of the Middle Ages

The Soil Bleeds Black occupy a unique position in today's world. Where others hark back to seventies Krautrock, sixties rock music, or many of the varied kitsch styles of music this American trio are inspired and immersed in medieval culture. Their music is conceived with the aim of recreating the medieval period of life for the listener. A whole array of traditional instruments such as pipes, dulcimer, tin whistle, chimes and percussive devices are used to provide the music with a high degree of authenticity. It's all topped off with the elegant swell of Eugenia Houston whose refined vocals adds a convincing renaissance feel. Lyrics and melodies are culled from the past some stretching back to the 12th Century.

The only other group following the same ancient path are Ataraxia, and in many the Mirror of the Middle Ages evokes an atmosphere comparable to recent works of Blood Axis (albeit from an entirely different perspective).

This rekindling of an ancient past by the Riddick brothers is an attempt to portray the totality of that which is medieval; it's customs, folklore and lifestyle. The Soil Bleeds Black aren't misguided Luddites though the Mirror of the Middle Ages boasts a beautifully presented sleeve and the Riddick brother prove themselves technically adept with a particularly fine website.

Mirror of the Middle Ages is scheduled for a CD reissue via World Serpent while this fine vinyl edition comes courtesy of The Fossil Dungeon. For more information go to