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Theme - Our Angels Dislocated

Our Angels Dislocated is the third release from Lumberton Trading Company and the second release from the in-house band Theme, featuring label curators Richard Johnson and Hassni Malik, with Stuart Carter. Our Angels Dislocated features soft, unfocussed drifting atmospheres where each of the five tracks flow into each other, allowing the listener to take it as one piece or as individual tracks. Where there previous release On Parallel Shores Removed toyed with beats and post-rock mannerisms Our Angels Dislocated has a lightness of touch with nothing hurried or overworked. Sounds emerge and evaporate amidst a dark but not threatening atmosphere. On 'Repeat To Fade' waves of hushed electronics ebb and flow, picking up and discarding repeated guitar notes, isolated piano chords whilst a machine throb pulses continuously throughout. Towards the end a quietly spoken verse appears. The droning pipes and reverbed keyboards that appear on 'A Few Words Failed' merge with location recordings in a downbeat psychedelic manner. Eastern instrumentation adds a surprising spiritual dimension, especially on 'East of Now' where a cyclical keyboard billows attain a soothing tranquil effect before some chanting takes it on a much more meditative journey. Our Angels Dislocated is a minimal affair fusing organic, electronic and found sound in a low-key release that is introspective and quietly effective. For more information go to