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Thighpaulsandra - Double Vulgar

Double Vulgar is the second full-length release from Thighpaulsandra, following the expansive and experimental I, Thighpaulsandra, which remains a favoured release at Compulsion online. This single disc may be easier to digest than the sprawling I, Thighpaulsandra double CD set. His vision remains undiminished and his capacity for experimentation unrivalled.

The disjointed strains of piano as the accompaniment to his elderly mother, a retired opera singer, the Queen of the Circulating Library, as she sings of being "splashed with semen" in many ways sets the scene for this highly sexed piece of work which, once again utilises the talents of Siôn Orgon, Martin Schellard, together with Cliff Stapleton and the Boy Anal. Even the cover shoot beautifully fashioned by Peter Christopherson and Steve Thrower of bruised, battered young males reveal his predilections and proclivities. In fact this release was somewhat delayed due to the seemingly controversial nature of the sleeve design.

Thighpaulsandra is colourful figure, and his compositions part organic and part improvised reflect the eccentric nature of his character. Perhaps 'On the Horns of Magda Reuth' captures the essence of Thighpaulsandra. This one track takes in everything from from relentless electronics, the vintage sounds of the ANS synthesizer (created by Alexander Scriabin) to the pumping of the hurdy-gurdy by Cliff Stapleton, a regular in the Coil live set-up. It's a beautiful track, and evidence of his musical genius.

Amidst the extreme experimentation Double Vulgar offers enough moments of structured songs such as the title track with its bass heavy sound and warm buzz of guitars as Thighp lists a stream of obscenity and humdrum words while requesting teenage affection. Several minutes of eerie ambience and medieval keyboard sounds precede the title track but 'Double Vulgar' is best remembered for its huge singalong chorus. 'Slammers' features a sensual Siôn Orgon vocal. It drips with a dubiously sleaze vocal that references retards, Variety Sunshine coaches and what sounds like (at least that's what I'm told) the sound of one hand clapping. It is all in all pretty, uh, special. 'The Circumcision of Christ' comprises a lengthy burst of shortwave treatments before mutating into a bizarre rock song, of sorts. John Balance and Ossian Brown offer the swirling wheel of fortune sounds amidst the melange of twisted electronics on 'He Tastes of the Sea'. The peculiarly titled 'His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales Breaches Reality' is we're assured offered as a warped tribute, and closes the album in fine fashion. All regal and stoical Thighp rasps over a warm farsifa organ sound. It descends into surreptitiously recorded sextalk recorded in a Soho sex shop. One must wonder how Prince Charles would respond to this?

In an exclusive radio interview with Brainwashed's Jon Whitney, Thighpaulsandra announced his intention to perform live with Martin Schellard, Siôn Orgon, and Cope's guitarist Donald Ross Skinner. Double Vulgar is indulgent in the extreme, and gloriously so. Amidst all the folk noir and dark ambient that we receive we're always pleased when new Thighpaulsandra material arrives as Thighpaulsandra dares to dream in colour. For more information go to