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Timescape Zero - Total War

Do you want Total War? Timescape Zero do, and Boyd Rice features here too. This 10 track CD is a reissue of Timescape Zero's final album originally issued in 1999. A Florida based hardcore outfit flexing their musical muscle via powerful riffing and agreeable stop-start time changes. It kinda makes you yearn for the days when hardcore meant shaved heads, Fugazi, and Suicidal Tendencies and before it was co-opted by nu metal or whatever.

Of particular interest to Compulsion online readers here are the lyrics penned by singer Adel. They're concerned with nature's eternal fascism, of how the strong rule over the weak, and they display a healthy disdain for humanity. Quite appropriately Boyd Rice, not one to mince his own words on societal degenration, provides his customary spoken voice on 'Ultimatum'. Timescape Zero also deliver a unique take on Ragnar Redbeard's Might Is Right.

Timescape Zero provide welcome relief from the assorted dark ambient titles that come this way, and they do prove that a musical articulation of 'Lex Talionis' needn't feature martial rhythms or Wagnerian symphonies. For more information go to