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Toroidh - Testament

Testament represents the final instalment in Toroidh's 'European trilogy, a series that began with Those Who Do Not Remember the Past and followed by Europe is Dead - a Compulsion online featured album. Testament is almost a lament for Europe, a continent ravaged by war throughout the last century. The poignancy of Testament is heightened, Nordvargr points out, as the West turns its attention to the new (d)evils being 'liberated' in the Middle East in the cause of oil and money. Toroidh's statement on the Europe Is Dead trilogy states "I hope that those who listen to this trilogy understands that the current developments in the world is wrong, and fight in peaceful ways to make sure that once again the world will be a better place for our children to live in." These, without a doubt, are commendable words and perhaps quite surprising given that Henrik Nordavrgr is a full time member of black industrialists MZ.412.

Nordavrgr rates Testament as his finest work to date (and from someone as prolific as Nordvargr that is saying something). An impassioned waltz opens Testament before segueing into a lilting folk instrumental all interspersed with archive speeches through passages of dark atmospherics and cascading drums. The samples appear to concern the deceased, the lives sacrificed whilst fighting for their nation. 'Dr Weiskopf Lebt' is rhythmic wrapped in dark swathes of melancholic keyboards before seeping into the church like solemnity of 'Testament IIII'.

Testament, like the other volumes in this triptych series, is an effective atmospheric piece, that is reflective, sombre and a fitting tribute to all those affected by the upheavals and discord arising from war torn Europe in the 20th Century.

Testament is presented in a unique fold-out slipcase type package with accompanying booklet. For more information go to