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Upland - Upland

With Upland Norway's adventurous Jester (home to Ulver) label take some tentative steps into the techno field. The eponymous titled CD is the first release from the Oslo based musician Knut Ruud. There's an air of minimalism about Upland, the booklet carries planetary abstract visions and only basic information is provided. The music is high-powered electronics, almost glitchy at times, utilising chaotic rhythms and abrasive sound sources. The first three tracks are perhaps more experimental in structure permitting a more mechanical sound built from flickering beats and pulses, although a soft melody can be detected behind 'Twin Gap'. Think Oval, Pole and you wouldn't be wide of the mark. 'Root' foregoes rhythms for calm, desolate ambience. There are obvious comparisons with Autechre the stuttering beats, and flickering electronics, and sweeping melodies testify to that. 'Marshgate' and the extra hidden track adopt a fluid feel allowing the previously obscured melodies to take prominence above the array of beats. Although Upland isn't innovative in any way with a running time of half an hour it leaves a good impression and little time to get bored. For more information go to