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Urawa - Villa Vertigo

Ultraphonist - Discover The Anti Stress

Foton Records is a Belgian collective of sound artists, graphic designers and photographers. Each release is packaged in a generic house style, inside a clear plastic case including an exclusive photograph and slide. Below are details on the first two releases from this exciting label specialising in ambient, minimalist, experimental and electronic musics.

Villa Vertigo from Urawa is the first release on Foton Records and it's an audio exploration of an imaginary residence. An experiment in psychogeography where each track reflects a different room or summons the ghosts of past residents. Villa Vertigo, like Discover the Anti Stress below, is minimal in construction. Here the audio collage creates a chilled ambience with flickering tones, electronic buzz and various textures both organic and electronic. Listen to the constant ticking of the study clock, the windswept expanse of the cavernous basement, or the pounding on the stairs. Villa Vertigo is an exercise in sound construction and atmosphere using abrasive tones to unsettling effect. Overall it's excellent stuff from a trio who respectively record individually as Internal, Imminent Starvation, and Fragile.

Discover The Anti Stress is the first CD from Ultraphonist, a duo who usually record under the names Jardin d'Usure and Silk Saw. Discover The Anti Stress utilises the human body as a sound source, amplifying the mechanics of the body. The approach is perhaps similar to Matmos but the ultra deep reverberations and crackling tones are much closer to the digital glitches of Pan Sonic. Discover The Anti Stress is as much felt as it is heard by the listener. Amplified body parts such as the beating of the heart, the exhaling of the lungs, the creakiness of bones and joints generate a deep collection of textures that can be physically felt by the listener. It's a remarkable piece of work that demands deep listening.

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