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Various Artists - Arable Farmland sampler

Arable Farmland is a Chicago based collective, and this sampler entitled Piercing the Veil of Deception features a varied collection of electronic compositions all infused with a healthy disdain and mistrust of their American Government. The extensive booklet compiles text from academics, American Patriots, authors while questioning America and their internal and external policies that violate the very foundations the USA was built upon. The liner notes argue that the war on terror is, in fact, a totalitarian takeover.

The nine outfits on this compilation produce varied forms of intriguing electronic music: the industrial electronic pieces of Dagga Punishment, the ambient scores of Death Factory, the accessible beats of Smea ('Stress Centre' is particularly good) to the soundscapes of Staklo and Crypto Fascist. Highlights include Membrane Conspiracy whose 'Ache of the Golem' (a Moby for the militant generation perhaps?), the impressive temperate strings of Sacrificial Anode and Bent Media Om whose 'Timeless' calls for man to step out of time, and out of the process of history.

The booklet paints a disquieting picture of the USA but at least the folks behind Arable Farmland (Annabel Lee of Blood Axis provides the liner notes here) have enough convictions to stand up for their beliefs, to fight back, to inform, and oppose the current controlling US government. We wish them luck in their endeavours and suggest you help them by purchasing copies of Arable Farmland Volume II by sending $10 to Arable Farmland, P.O. Box 08012, Chicago, IL 60616 or making payment via PayPal to For more information go to