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Various Artists - Noise Factory sampler

The label name Noise Factory is a complete misnomer for those expecting abrasive and experimental noise in the vein of Merzbow or Boyd Rice. It's certainly not a reason to get disheartened though as this Canadian label have pinned down a number of excellent electronic and post-rock outfits showcased on this sampler.

Sparrow Orange provide some beautiful free falling and free-flowing electronica where melodic synth lines meander over techno beats. It's downbeat, soothing and worth following up whoever they are. The expansive ensemble of K.C. Accidental feature here with two instrumental tracks cluttered with drums, banjo, violin, harmonica, organ and much besides. The unhurried drum rhythms allow their tracks to gradually take shape before reaching a blissed out state. Beef Terminal opt for melancholic guitar work out. Their initial entry here is distinctly lo-fi featuring brittle ringing guitar it's joined by drum machine rhythms and soft keyboard on 'Daisy Science' from their newly issued CD, The Grey Knowledge. More guitar tones surface on 'Last Place' by Broken Social Scene, alongside electro rhythms and more tranquil electronics.

Noise Factory have just released Beef Terminal's The Grey Knowledge, following Sparrow Oranges's Hands and Knees Music issued earlier this year. Those with an ear for post-rock, electronics and lo-fi sounds will find a lot to savour from this Toronto based label.

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