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Various Artists - This Connected, a This Co compilation

Portugese label ThisCo have just released This Connected, a This Co compilation. It gathers together a number of musicians from around the globe all largely providing heavily rhythmic tracks. Berlin's Column One open the album with the tempered 'Drop of Water' all bubbling electronics, samples and the sound of a modem. It's a good track, and following their Electronic Pleasures CD this is further evidence of their worth. Industrial veterans Bourbonese Qualk journey through disjointed and cut-up electronics, electric guitar to proto-dance rhythms; Sci Fi Industries deliver clean driving electronic rhythms; UK miserablists Delphium provide dark atmospheres and surging dub rhythms; while This.Co's resident band Ras.Al.Ghul (and Rasal.A'Sad) provide their customary drifting atmospheric sounds utilising natural percussion. Other acts opt for less engaging contemporary rhythms although I need to single out the solo Matt Howden track. An aching piano score, and a weeping violin 'Solitary Confinement' amply illustrates his classical prowess. It's a worthy compilation showcasing a lot of good material. For more information go to