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Various Artists - Topheth Prophet - Tel Aviv Aftermath

A whole range of musical styles is displayed on Topheth Prophet - Tel Aviv Aftermath. Everything from industrial, electronic, folk to sound composition can be found on this compilation hailing from Israel. The more intriguing and unique tracks include 'The Helmet' by Hu, a cryptoacoustic track constructed from sounds from a soldier's helmet in an attempt to draw out the spiritual energy.

Maor Applebaum who features in both Screening and VectorScope provides the more electronic tracks. As Screening he delivers swirling processed bass sounds and as VectorScope it's abstract synth washes and faltering rhythms. Igor 18 present e-bow effects and guttural voices, while Chaos As Shelter supply electronics and a sampled 'spy' message. The two artists then combine for the New Jerusalem Defence Forces - 'Make Law' whose industrial rhythms and effects eventually succumb to noise in a Triumvirate like way.

An expansive mix'n'match collaborative piece from the Crossfishes finishes the collection. The Crossfishes are an improvising project of underground musicians that perform something between noise and jazz.

Tel Aviv Aftermath is an 11-track CD documenting the current underground scene in Israel. Compiled by Uri Shaham and largely concentrating on the New Jerusalem Studio Tel Aviv Aftermath is a fine introduction to a musical scene most would be unaware of. For more information contact