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Various Artists - Volume 1: The Astral Academy of the Senoi Sound Archive

A windswept jarring sounds seeps into majestic keyboards, while the voice of a great master occultist - (probably) wafts in from the mist of time. Xenis Emputae's 'Unknown Gallic Occultists' is a great opener to Volume 1: The Astral Academy of the Senoi Sound Archive released by Queasy Listening Records. Queasy Listening Research Dept in the guise of self proclaimed Satanist Carneisel Conduitt deliver a conjuration of the angel Anael. It's a unique take on the Mirror of Solomon where if constructed correctly is said that Anael will appear is said one can see whatever one desires. In the case of Carneisel Conduitt their scrying implement involves labeless vinyl records of their childhood featuring nursery rhymes, secret fraternities and playground songs. An English voice intones these proclamations over sympathetic atmospheric backing and swathes of orchestras before ending with a lone piano.

A chance discovery of a set of Austin Osman Spare recordings in a used record store allows Queasy Listening to present a rare recording of a Spare lecture as the final track. Mind you, those vinyl clicks don't sound too authentic.

On the whole this volume of The Astral Academy provides some great music for occultniks who don't take themselves too seriously.

The Senoi Sound Archive recordings are derived from the dream diaries of Queasy Listening personnel and contributors to the project and are made from transcriptions of involving: discovery of an imaginary musical recording; playing of a piece of music; attendance of a concert or hearing a performance of music. For more information go to