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Various Artists - Autumn Blood (Constructions)

Lumberton Trading Company the UK/Poland based label responsible for some splendid releases from Sion Orgon, Thighpaulsandra, Michael Gira (okay that was a vinyl compilation with selected tracks from Gira's series of self-released CDs), Human Greed... released the Autumn Blood (Constructions) compilation at the tail end of last year. Autumn Blood (Constructions) features tracks from acts on their label, label affiliates including some of the more interesting sound makers together with a number of Eastern Bloc musicians.

Peter Christopherson (The Threshold HouseBoys Choir/ SoiSong) supplies, 'All Possible Numbers', a rare solo track from the former Coil member, over childlike keys and pleasant synthwork with random numbers offered by a telephone exchange operator. Ex-Banshee Steven Severin has a number of solo releases and has recently been soundtracking for films. 'Sleepercell' seems to take its cues from this with its almost ice-cream van melody, assemblage of found voices and droning atmospheres.

Shadowy voices and even shadowier textures appear on Andrew Liles' 'It's Been So Long Now I'm Fucked If I Know' before it passes into creaking and bashing effects before lunging into a manic psyched guitar and drums concoction. Colin Potter's contribution builds gradually into a wonderfully restrained piece of thumping electronics and bells. Human Greed continue the themes of their excellent Black Hill: Midnight At The Blighted Star album with 'Moonsuite IV: Dalkeith's Next Top Model' with LeeDVD's sultry recitation over shimmering and gliding electronics and the feint piano playing of Clodagh Simonds.

Formication continue with their dark electronic horrorshow with distorted beats, distorted voices and looped subdued chanting. 'Reverse Engineer' is the first I've heard from Sion Orgon since his stunning second album, The Zsigmondy Experience, and the frequent Thighpaulsandra collaborator continues to deliver the goods here. An elongated introduction of abstract electronics is sucked up into pulsating electronics, mammoth industrial guitar riffs as a foil to his emotive and pop tones. Label owner Richard Johnson appears as Theme with another former Splintered member Stuart Carter. It's a droney affair with bells (maybe it's a marimba) and disembodied background voices, with moments of sitar, an instrument that appeared on their Our Angels Dislocated album.

And there's also tracks from Lawrence English, Birds Build Nests Underground, Zenial/Banabila and Volga.

The inclusion of veterans such as Steve Severin and Peter Christopherson should ensure the success of Autumn Blood (Constructions) but there's a lot of good material here. I'm especially taken with the tracks from Sion Orgon, Human Greed and Formication all groups with albums on Lumberton that are well worth seeking out. Autumn Blood (Constructions) was released September 2009 and limited to 500 copies so copies ought to be thin on the ground by now. For more information go to