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Vestigial - Aeon

Vestigial's self-released debut mini CD buries deep into dark space territory with crackles, drones and erratic noises giving way to melodic synth melodies. It's a slow burning atmosphere offset by the occasional harsh outburst and underpinned by heavily processed voices. With titles such as 'The Grey Constellation' and 'Celebrating The New Sun' it mines the same dense sonic terrain as Lustmord, and the likes of Raison D'Etre, and is itself an impressive piece of dark ambient. Aeon is the first work from artist who goes under the name IVI. On the basis of this little 3-inch CD it's a name that's certain to become known in dark ambient circles. The first pressing of Aeon is limited to a mere 99 copies with artwork inserts, with a further pressing of 50 copies planned. They won't last long. For more information go to