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Waldteufel - Heimliches Deutschland

Waldteufel have finally released their first full length CD, Heimliches Deutschland. Waldteufel feature Markus Wolff, a former member of the polyrhythmic percussionists Crash Worship ADRV. After a spate of compilation appearances over the past few years Heimliches Deutschland represents their first full length CD release and reflects Wolff's interest in all things volkish. Like Blood Axis, Wolff displays an interest in all things volkish, but Waldteufel opt for a far more traditional sound utilising accordion, bodhran, violins and cello. It retains an authentic traditional feel of volkish folk music, with the lyrics intoned in German. At times its like an archaic snapshot. You may even be hard pressed to guess that this was recorded during the 21st Century. Annabel Lee of Blood Axis and Amber Asylum is the main collaborator here. Michael Moynihan perform bodhran on one track, and Be'irth of In Gowan Ring performs on several others. Heimliches Deutschland is released on the Ultra label. For more information contact