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Westwind - The Bunker

Westwind have previously issued a number of short-run CD-Rs and contributed to compilations on the Cynfeirdd and Thaglasz labels. The Bunker is their fifth CD, and their first professional CD release. "Our golden heroes crawling in sweat will die again and will be born again".

It displays an obvious affinity for military and martial themes but the music differs somewhat to others in this field. Westwind's music is rather keyboard heavy, featuring a broad range of samples - everything from Edith Piaf to US war movies and Dean Martin - woven into the electronic sound pieces. 'All Shared Once' even features a free-playing saxophone. Westwind combine many unusual, or at least unexpected, sound samples within their overall sound. There are even some spoken words from Death In June, a track penned by the villainous Varg Vikernes and one track is based on the sped up rhythm of Boyd Rice's 'Total War'. That's not to say Westwind don't have enough original material to satisfy listeners.

Original copies of The Bunker were included in the Thaglasz Security of Ignorance boxset, and that might explain why beyond track 10 it loses it s impact somewhat as it features remixes and more rhythmic tracks. Fans of Blood Axis, Der Blutharsch and other martial outfits will find this of interest. For more information and sound samples go to