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While Angels Watch - Dark Age

While Angels Watch is the musical project of Dev, an early member of Sixth Comm. However Dark Age shouldn't be regarded as their debut as numerous cassettes were in circulation a number of years ago. In fact, Dev took a 10-year hiatus from the music scene while his former musical colleagues forged careers with Sol Invictus and Sixth Comm. Dark Age is a luxurious release draped in strings, violins, and percussion accompanying the obligatory acoustic guitar. Dev has a distinct vocal slightly similar to Nick Cave and Michael Gira. For some, like others in the folk scene, his vocal may be an acquired taste. 'Our Last Fanfare' sets the scene with booming bass, a soaring flute providing the melody played off against martial percussion. It's a strong opener and one of the highlights of Dark Age.

Dark Age is swathed in lush orchestral strings and stirring percussion, so it's not surprising to find Matt Howden (of Sol Invictus) collaborating and producing. Jane Howden provides alluring backing vocals adding an ethereal quality to these carefully crafted compositions. 'Sister of the Sea' bathes in a melancholic Death In June vibe. The forlorn 'Burn Like Ice' ranges from pretty acoustic folk, to soft female vocals to aggressive strumming. Ian Read of Fire & Ice guests on 'Medusa', a highlight of Dark Age. It's ingenuity springing from a trio of voices and a weeping of strings.

'The Warmth of Being' features a lead vocal from Jane Howden over tranquil piano, and a swirling flue melody. On an 'Eye For An Eye', another strong piano based track, While Angels Watch come across sounding like an apocalyptic Bad Seeds.

Dark Age has been a favourite of my throughout the festive period, and I'm already looking forward to Dev's forthcoming work with Patrick Leagas. Along with Naevus, While Angels Watch represent another exciting proposition in an already overpopulated musical field. Seek it out, if the above appeals to you. Dark Age is limited to 588 copies only. For more information go to or