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While Angels Watch - Still The Star Shines

Still The Star Shines is the latest CD from acclaimed UK neo-folk outfit While Angels Watch, proving to be a bridge between Dark Age and the forthcoming The Treasures of Treachery. Two new songs are debuted alongside two reworked tracks from the highly respected (well, we liked it, anyway) Dark Age release. Opening in a manner not disimilar to Nick Cave the piano based 'Crossing The Tide of Time' features apocalyptic imagery entwining love and death with Dev's heavy set voice framed by the lilting voice of Jane Howden. It disappears and slowly reawakens in an almost dream state with a soft spoken prayer. 'Moonchild' appears as a Matt Howden remix adding tumultuous percussion and sweeping strings, that slice through the acoustic backing to which Dev and Jane loosely duet. 'Eye For An Eye' and 'The Waiting Room' are revisited in vastly superior forms. Over forged acoustic guitars and booming bass and the voice of Dev strained with emotion, they reminds of early Sol Invictus, especially on 'Eye For An Eye' a critique of modern life, as it climaxes with a chanted refrain. 'Crossing The Tide of Time' is certainly the highlight of this short EP, but this is delivered so passionately and with such conviction it's more than a welcome shot in the arm to an already crowded genre. For more information go to