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Wire - Read and Burn 02

When considering the recent output of Wire one can't help thinking that they could have easily opted for something half-paced, electronic and minimal. Instead Read and Burn 02 the latest volume, once again, opts for something shouty, intense and in-your-face. Opening with shearing guitarlines, elastic bass, and Colin Newman's clipped vocal 'Read and Burn' is a strong opener. There's no let-up with 'Spent' an aggressive vocal over a wall of serated guitar. It eventually lunges into ass-kickin rock music.

'Nice Streets Above' is rock music produced by automatons, monolithic beats and a chanted lyric. At one point it positively surges to another level. Electronic tones provide the pulse to '99.9' proving that speed need not be the key. 'Raft Ants' features the angriest vocal featuring a tirade of slogans: over the thrashiest of riffs, and torrent of electronics.

It's not all intense 'Trash / Treasure' is a fine slice of Wire playing more Pop. Colin Newman wields his linguistic games over a melodic pop vocal and a fairly straightforward backbone. It succumbs to the noise textures so favoured by Wire throughout Read and Burn 02.

On Read and Burn 02 Wire have harnessed the aggression of their early records into something dynamic, modern and utterly compelling. Forget Blast First's protestations over the Sonik Mook compilations believe me this is future rock 'n' roll. Read and Burn 02 is only available mail-order from

Wire will be performing their seminal Pink Flag in its entirety at the Barbican, London, on the 26 April. Pink Flag was originally released in 1977, and is widely regarded as the seminal art-punk record of the seventies. The stage design for this performance will be by controversial artists Jake and Dinos Chapman, who are making their theatrical design debut. Wire will also be performing Send, another new collection from the revitalized Wire. The stage design for send is by Es Devlin, who has previously designed sets for the new Eddie Izzard play and the Pet Shops Boys's musical Closer To Heaven. For more information go to