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Xenis Emputae Travelling Band - Full Moon June

Xenis Emputae Travelling Band first came to my attention through the Queasy Listening compilation The Senoi Sound Archive where they provided several tracks including the authentic Austin Osman Spare Lectures. Much of Full Moon June was recorded at at the stone conundrum of Men-an-Toll, and Mulfra Quoit in Cornwall, Skipton Castle in Yorkshire amongst other ancient sites. Full Moon June displays slow paced spacey ambient music that is much inspired by experimental music as sacred sites inspire it. There's a lo-fi feel to it. 'Flying Saucer Ship' even reminds of the sounds of the Mount Vernon Arts Lab - they certainly share a love of resonating tones and psychogeography. Sounds are derived from zither, guitar, whistle, and keyboard although the added treatments make it difficult to discern the individual instruments preferring an otherworldly aloofness. The final track 'Feast of Bwcaa Dw' pursues a more rhythmic approach although the free-flowing ambience still takes precedence. Those with a pagan bent may find this low-key release of interest. A review of the more recent Under A Soular Moon will follow next month on Compulsion online. For more information go to