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Current Ninety Three & Antony - Live At St Olaves

This split Current Ninety Three and Antony CD commemorates the performance held last year in St Olaves Church, London. Stripped of the lush orchestrations Antony's rich voice swoops and soars over lone piano in such a beautiful fashion on the opener 'You Stand Above Me' and 'The Lake' a musical setting of an Edgar Allen Poe poem. Incidentally Antony is currently involved in Lou Reed's multimedia project The Raven based on the work of Poe. He's joined on 'Cripple and the Starfish' by the violinist Maxim Moston but even on its own Antony's voice is so pure it has the ability to shoot straight to the heart and transfix the listener. A remarkable talent, that is destined to flourish.

The Current Ninety Three tracks are live selections from their last three albums and amply capture the existential musings and resigned melancholy of David Tibet. 'Judas As Black Moth' depicts the human capacity for evil, 'Sleep Has His House' an impassioned epitaph to his late father, and the lilting 'Walking Like Shadow' where backed by Michael Cashmore on guitar, Tibet encapsulates the impermanence of human life.

It's a relatively short CD but essential for those, like myself, who missed these intimate shows or are yet to acquaint themselves with the rapturous delight of Antony. For more information go to