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Dragged Up - Missing Person

Dragged Up - Missing Person coverDragged Up were one of our favourite discoveries of last year. You might remember we wrote warms words about their last release, the Hex Domestic EP. Well those scuzzy indie garage rockers are back with the wordy and just slightly off-kilter ' Missing Person' single, released digitally and on limited tape and CD formats, and it doesn't disappoint. A loping rhythmic groove provides the anchor for 'Missing Person' offering space for their wide range of disparate influences to surface to great effect. Bursts of Cramps styled riffs, splinters of psych guitars and a midsection of surf guitar twang all jostling, at points, over busy bass lines filled with verses combining male and female vocals, and a chorus where their trademark cooly, detached vocals and harmonies, recalling C86, merge with soaring fuzz guitar noise. It's thrilling stuff.

'Machine Person' is pretty great too, a grooving dubbed out reworking over skittery rhythms, low slung bass tones and disembodied vocals sounding like a lo-fi take on PIL's 'Death Disco'. Truth be told it was partly Chas Lalli's bass work with Vom - along with Trembling Bells' Simon Shaw - that piqued our interest in Dragged Up. They keep surprising and keep delivering and it's more than apparent that this Glasgow five-piece have a lot to offer with their disparate DIY sound. 'Missing Person' builds on the enthusiastic response to their previous releases, and their forthcoming debut album High On Ripple is worth looking out for. The cassingle is sold out but a handful of CDs on Rare Vitamin Records were still available along with the digital releases from Rare Vitamin Records bandcamp