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Featured album review and interview
Headless cover artwork Patient Zero cover artwork History and Heritage cover artwork
6 Comm - Headless
Patrick Leagas discusses the return of 6 Comm and the release of Headless/Let The Moon Speak
The Psychogeographical Commission - Patient Zero
S: of PsyComm speaks of psychogeography, magick and the albums Genius Loci and Patient Zero
While Angels Watch - History and Heritage, Volume 1
Dev speaks of the early roots of While Angels Watch and the parallels between the anarcho scene and the nascent dark-folk scene
Press My Hungry Button cover artwork The Snow Abides cover artwork Headless cover artwork
Cultural Amnesia - Press My Hungry Button
Gerard Greenway tells us about this experimental synth-pop outfit, cassette culture and their association with Coil's John Balance to accompany their second release of archive material
Michael Cashmore - The Snow Abides
The Current 93 guitarist provides a history of his musical career from his work as Nature & Organisation up to the release of his second album featuring Antony on vocals
Six Comm - Headless
Patrick Leagas discusses the return of 6 Comm and the release of Headless/Let The Moon Speak
Hope Springs A Turtle cover artwork NADA! cover artwork Organic Traces cover artwork
David E. Williams - Hope Springs A Turtle
The noir-cabaret solo-artist talks of his return to recording and his occasional forays into "controversial" realms
Death In June - NADA!
Douglas P. revisits the era of NADA!, to commemorate the reissue of this seminal piece in the canon of Death In June
KnifeLadder - Organic Traces
Percussionist John Murphy revisits his extensive musical history, and speaks of his solo-project Shining Vril to accompany the release of KnifeLadder's first full-album
Europe Is Dead cover artwork EAR3 cover artwork Zenith Pitch cover artwork
TOROIDH - Europe Is Dead
Henrik Nordvargr discusses his numerous projects including Folkstorm, MZ412 and his current Europe is Dead CD
Chris Carter - Electronic Ambient Remixes, Volume 3
For EAR3 Chris Carter revisited the rhythms of Throbbing Gristle. Here he explains the genesis of the project and the ongoing fascination with TG
Amenti Suncrown - Zenith Pitch
The trio of members of this "twisted electronica" outifit tell us how they united over a passion for Coil over the internet
I, Thighpaulsandra cover artwork Time To Tell cover artwork The Hill of Crosses cover artwork
Thighpaulsandra - I, Thighpaulsandra
Thighpaulsandra talks about his stunning, sprawling debut album and his work with Julian Cope, Spiritualized and Coil
Cosey Fanni Tutti - Time To Tell
Cosey Fanni Tutti discusses her experience in the sex industry to coincide with reissue of her solo album and its reworking as EAR2
Sol Invictus - The Hill of Crosses
Tony Wakeford discusses this new work in relation to previous Sol Invictus releases